by Robert Workman

The Marriage of Figaro

Opera North 2020

"The man who has it all, the Count Almaviva is quite simply a shoe-in role for Dutch Baritone Quirijn de Lang. He has chocolatey rich tones, is tall in stature and his ability to appear imperious is ideal. Quite delightfully he balances his power and authority with vulnerability." - Yorkshire times


"Quirijn de Lang’s villainous, moustachioed Count, full of self-entitlement and self-delusion, invites lots of laughter and disapproval. His rich baritone voice fits the character perfectly." - ON-Magazine


"Dutch baritone Quirijn de Lang is a perfectly rakish Count, providing one of the highlights of the evening with his aria in Act III." - The Stage


"Quirijn de Lang has often been praised here, and his Count was a study in hauteur, suaveness and comic timing. Resembling a young David Niven, he presented a more than usually venal husband, though singing with stylish grace." - Music-omh

Street Scene

Opera North 2020

"There are some superbly observed character portraits, among them Quirijn de Lang as Rose’s dangerously seductive boss, Harry Easter.”

- The Guardian 


“Quirijn de Lang is creepily repulsive as lustful smoothie Harry”

The Arts Desk


Quirijn de Lang gave a superb cameo as the sharp-suited Harry Easter who wants to put Rose on the stage." - Planet Hugill

by C. Barda/ w. G. Butterfield

Don Pasquale

Welsh National Opera 2019

"Quirijn De Lang as Malatesta was the one whose every nuance of speech and flick of wrist delighted and enthralled. His character was at once a parody and yet utterly familiar. Both charismatic and conniving in equal measure, this gender fluid-seeming gentleman was, for me, the highlight of the show."

- Buzz magazine


"Quirijn de Lang had a very fine voice indeed and nearly steals the show with his louche, laughable and almost heroically physical portrayal of a young Malatesta." - Plays to See *****


"But the real star of the show is Quirijn de Lang as the fixer Malatesta. Stalking on stage with his skin-tight leather-look snakeskin sheer tops, leopard and snake skin jackets, his chunky silver jewellery and heavily made-up eyes he's both very sexual and yet androgynous at the same time."

- Weekend Notes

Silent Night

Opera North 2018

"Leading the large cast, the Dutch baritone Quirijn de Lang showed touching nobility as the French lieutenant Audebert, homesick for his wife and child." - The Guardian

"Quirijn de Lang brings elegance and warmth to the part of a French lieutenant separated from his pregnant wife." - British Theatre Guide


"Lieutenants Audebert (Quirijn de Lang) and Horstmayer (Richard Burkhard) are the most ambivalent characters in the piece – both intelligently acted and splendidly sung." 

     - The Reviews Hub

by Tristram Kenton

The Merry Widow

Opera North 2018

“Baritone Quirijn de Lang, is a terrific Danilo, his notes in the upper register perfectly delivered. The sweetness of his voice, especially in "I’m off to Chez Maxim" in Act 1, makes him a convincingly amiable playboy.” - Bachtrack

“Quirijn de Lang as Danilo is perfectly cast, exuding just the right amount of rakish charm. In terms of stagecraft he has it all - wonderful comic timing, facial expressions, physical comedy, witty asides - and his voice isn't bad either. Joking aside, he has a terrific voice for this role.” - The Yorkshire Times

Kiss Me, Kate 

Opera North 2018

London, Ravenna, Edinburgh tour

"Quirijn de Lang showed off what an operatic voice can do in musical theatre; “Where is the life that late I led” was earnestly sung with warmth and strength. De Lang is improbably watchable on stage, and the sparks flew in his exchanges with Stephanie Corley, whether on the stage of The Taming of the Shrew (as Petruchio and Kate) or off-stage (as Fred and Lilli). De Lang showed that he can do subtle comedy just as well as the raucous stuff – he even produced more-than-decent Shakespearean delivery in his various sets of original Shakespeare lines.” - Bachtrack


Opera2Day 2018

"Quirijn de Lang was such an expressive and intensely dramatic performer. This was not one of those performances which prized beauty of tone above all else, though de Lang sang with a nice flexibility of line and suppleness, but he seemed to prize vivid intensity above all things and this was a Hamlet who we could hear, really suffered. His performance kept you involved from the moment he was on stage to the very end." 

    - Opera Now

"De ideale Hamlet is bariton Quirijn de Lang, die heel operaminnend Nederland verrukte toen hij in 1999 op tweeëntwintigjarige leeftijd bij de Reisopera al een Papageno neerzette die een gerijpt talent deed vermoeden. Hij twijfelt, is kordaat, besluit toch weer niet, is wanhopig en dat alles op een manier die natuurlijk is en tegelijk klinkt als een klok. Zijn Frans is ‘impeccable’, hetgeen zou doen vermoeden dat Frankrijk zijn tweede huis is, terwijl alle operaliefhebbers weten dat hij voornamelijk in Engeland zingt."

    - BrabantCultureel

"Gute Voraussetzungen für einen hoffnungsvollen jungen Bariton wie Quirijn de Lang, der die Titelrolle mit dem Balsam seiner Stimme krönt und die innere Zerrissenheit des jungen Prinzen glaubhaft darstellen kann."

    - O-Ton Kulturmagazin

Trouble in Tahiti.jpg

Trouble in Tahiti

Opera North 2017

"Baritone Quirijn de Lang employed his dark baritone and considerable acting ability to great effect as the office-bound executive Sam. He is a really flexible performer, well-suited to comic parts as well as serious ones." - Bachtrack 

"Perfectly cast."             "Magnetic"           " Spirited and vocally crisp."

              -  Telegraph                      - WhatsonStage                              -  The Guardian 

"Quirijn de Lang and Wallis Giunta sing and play the couple to near perfection."

  - Seen and heard International

L'Enfant et les sortilèges

Opera North 2017


"Quirijn de Lang raises plenty of audience laughter as the offended Clock, brandishing its broken pendulum, and also as the Tom Cat who sings and dances with his mate in a hilarious miaowing duet."

     - Bachtrack 

Il Turco in Italia

Garsington Opera 2017

"Crucially, Quirijn de Lang, in the eponymous role, was a confident and authoritative presence – brash and assertive with singing to suit, and sure of his appeal to women, but with a lively enough disposition to negotiate with mercurial humour."

  - Seen and Heard International

"Although Quirijn de Lang’s Selim is a little dry-toned, the physical comedy is strong and the text is bright." - The Times

Il Turco.jpg

La Cenerentola

Opera North 2017

"Quirijn de Lang is luxury casting as svelte-toned Dandini." - The Guardian

"Quirijn de Lang had the understated comedy of Dandini down perfectly and made a great impression." - Opera Journal 

Kiss Me, Kate

Welsh National Opera 2016

"Quirijn de Lang emerged as the absolute ‘star’ of the evening. He sang well, and acted both his roles, whether as the vain and sardonic Fred Graham or the fiercely effective Petruchio. 

In the spoken scenes, lifted more or less straight from Shakespeare, his performance as the Shrew-Tamer was on a par with most, and better than quite a few of the many ‘straight’ Shakespearean actors I have seen attempting the role."

Seen and Heard International 


"Mr Quirijn de Lang sings like a dream. His articulation is first class and what Cole Porter wrote in lyrics which are showstoppers, are made wonderfully clear and so you listen and you applaud and that applause is well-deserved." - Birmingham Post 

L'Italiana in Algeri

Garsington Opera 2016

"Quirijn de Lang’s Mustafà, seen here not as a blustering tyrant but a fairly vulnerable figure: his is a beautiful baritone voice, with exceptional agility and a lovely burnished sheen on the tone." - MusicOMH

The Goose of Cairo

London Mozart Players 2016

"Special accolades, however, should go to Quirijn de Lang who provided a perfectly pitched portrayal of the mysterious Don Pippo."  - MusicOMH

Kiss Me, Kate

Opera North 2015

"Quirijn de Lang is a near-perfect Fred Graham/Petruchio. The backstage accent is flawless, the slicked hair and pencil moustache suggesting an arrogant leading man who fully deserves to be put through the mill.” - THE ARTS DESK


“De Lang is flamboyant and warm, and really moving when it is his turn to sing “So In Love”.

De Lang's interpretation of “Where Is The Life That Late I Led” is fast, witty and minutely segmented, so that every ounce of wit is extracted.” - BACHTRACK


“Quirijn de Lang brings an appealing line in matinee idol dash and self-deprecating desperation to Fred (Petruchio).” - THE EXAMINER


“Dutch baritone de Lang’s smoothly manipulative Fred Graham becomes, as Petruchio, a dashing fall guy in the guise of a comedy Errol Flynn.” - CHRONICLE


“Quirijn de Lang and Jeni Bern present Fred Graham and Lilli Vanessi as credible and sympathetic characters, singing their romantic numbers “Wunderbar” and “So in Love” through elegant legato and projecting the more knockabout stuff such as “I Hate Men” and “Where is the Life That Late I Led?” with sharp-tongued wit.” - THE TELEGRAPH


“the compelling Dutch baritone Quirijn de Lang was a dashing, moustache-twirling Almaviva – here he’s an equally magnificent rotter in the role of Fred Graham.”


The Marriage of Figaro

Opera North 2015


"the suave and thoroughly despicable count, brilliantly played by Quirijn de Lang."

   - The Reviews Hub


“Quirijn de Lang in particular sang with firm well articulated tone and crystal clear diction as well as portraying the Count’s arrogance in his jodhpurs and jacket.”

Seen and Heard International


"Quirijn de Lang’s performance as the Count seems to be led by his moustache – a waxed, handlebar appendage that could only belong to a cad – but his wiry delivery and stiff deportment speak volumes about the character’s discomfort."

The Guardian


”De Lang has a magnetic presence and the mahogany-toned voice is focused 

and used to compelling effect.” - Opera Brittannia


"Almaviva is not the main character, but he is central to the plot and the reaction of all the others towards him, so it's important to establish the precise tone, and between them, Jo Davies and Quirijn de Lang get it absolutely right." - Opera Journal

La Bohème

Grange Park Opera 2015

“Schaunard, ghosting the orchestra on his shabby piano, was vividly portrayed and beautifully sung by Quirijn de Lang.”  -  Classical Source


“Rodolfo’s companions all gave fine vocal and dramatic portrayals: Quirijn de Lang as a wonderfully stylish Schaunard.”  - Mark Ronan

La Vida Breve

Opera North 2015


"the drug-peddling flamenco singer (an excellent Quirijn de Lang), who sidles ghoulishly on to the stage, sowing light entertainment, reaping entrenched despair."

  - The Spectator


"Slow walking, as in a funeral procession, creates a ritualistic atmosphere which provides a kind of timeless quality. It is most effectively used by baritone Quirijn de Lang, who is a slow-moving and blue-suited wedding singer who makes flamenco sound alarmingly sinister as he drifts across front stage."

  - Bachtrack

Silent Night

Wexford Festival Opera 2014


"Truly moving is the scene in which Quirijn de Lang, as Ponchel, his ensign, cuts his hair and tells openly of his desire to leave the trenches in order to go and have a cup of coffee with his mother, like before the war. What deep friendship connects the two men, becomes clear when the dying Ponchel tells the lieutenant that he did leave the trenches and brings him news of his wife and newborn son." - Online Musik Magazin


Nederlandse Reisopera 2014


"Equally laudable was Quirijn de Lang. As Jesus, he did not move or sing much and spent most of the performance standing still – but he did so with fervour! De Lang had a beautifully serene appearance. His deep voice, which almost did not seem to fit his appearance, permeated the auditorium." - Bachtrack


“Most extraordinary is the portrayal of Christ by the baritone Quirijn de Lang. He is continuously shockingly alone and completely sovereign, not of this world.”

     - NRC Handelsblad


"Quirijn de Lang (Jesus) radiated much inner strength and dignity with his serene comportment and warm voice.” -  Opera Magazine

Queen of Spades

Grange Park Opera 2012

"Quirijn de Lang a perfectly judged Prince Yeletsky" - The Guardia


"Quirijn de Lang produced a lovely baritonal sound and line as Yeletsky and moved handsomely onstage: not for the first time in opera, one wondered why on earth Lisa should have preferred someone else to him!" -


Die Lustige Witwe

International Opera Productions 2012

"The Dutch baritone Quirijn Lang is the star of the evening, exquisitely mastering the whole range of the difficult part of Danilo; His entrance ‘O Vaterland!’ with the high G's is as solid as a rock. Superb are his beautiful, long lines in ‘Wie die Blumen im Lenze erblüh'n’, and his velvet sound in ‘Geigen erklingen, locken so süss’.”  - Opera Nederland

Il Turco in Italia

Garsington Opera 2011

"Both Quirijn de Lang and Rebecca Nelsen possess the good looks and vocal skills needed for the two leads – the travelling Turkish prince Selim and the married but flirtatious Neapolitan Fiorilla." - The Guardian 


"Ms. Nelsen has the breath control necessary to spin out the long, long Rossini lines - a virtue shared by Quirijn de Lang as the Turk." 

Wall Street Journal